Safety & Maintenance

Leaving the comfort of your hometown for uncharted territory can create excitement and maybe some anxiety, too. Having your child or elderly parent on the road, particularly late at night, can be the cause of a lot of worry and sleepless nights.

That’s when the safety and security of traveling with a dependable, professional Maine bus company can help. Northeast Charter & Tour Co., Inc. is a recipient of the highest rating standard given for motorcoach transportation companies by the US Department of Transportation. Our experienced, reliable drivers will be on schedule to pick up and drop off your loved ones at any of our safe, well-marked locations.


As a United States of America Department of Transportation (DOT) certified charter company, Northeast Charter & Tour’s primary goal is safe transportation. The U.S. DOT certification provides our customers with the confidence that proper safety management controls have been implemented throughout the company to ensure that our guests can enjoy their travel experience and have peace of mind when traveling with Northeast Charter & Tour.


With a constant commitment to safety, NECT is proud to be Department of Defense (DOD) certified with a commendable #1 rating. This top safety rating certifies that Northeast Charter & Tour is maintaining compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation and Military Bus Agreement at an exemplary level. DOD certification also ensures travelers are receiving the best service and safest transportation available.

See our safety rating.


All of our motorcoaches, charter school buses, and other charter vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking systems and are carefully evaluated based on mileage (which averages about every 60 days) by our experienced mechanical crew.


As part of our passionate commitment to safety, we’ve invested in the latest motorcoach technology to exceed general safety requirements. Safety measurements, including our advanced tire monitoring system, allow our drivers to constantly view the tire conditions and help keep passengers safe.

Charter Bus New England , customer service representative

Our 24-hour, 365 days a year emergency assistance is standing by to insure that mechanical difficulties will not keep you from your scheduled activities. If for some reason your charter tour bus or shuttle is unable to complete the trip, we will call in an immediate replacement vehicle.