Maybe it’s because we’re a Maine bus company or maybe it’s because we have children, but here at Northeast Charter & Tour, we believe in taking responsibility for leaving the world a little better for the next generation. If you ask Scott (the owner) why it’s important, he would tell you, “Because it’s the right thing to do.”

Let’s look at the facts.  On a four-hour trip, for example, a car emits approximately 400 pounds of carbon dioxide. For that same trip, a bus emits approximately just 150 pounds of carbon dioxide.

It is because of this philosophy, and overall company-wide efforts, that Northeast Charter was recognized by the American Bus Association as the 2013 Green Operator of the Year – one of only two motorcoach companies in the country to receive this honor.

Our variety of eco-friendly travel options means you can make a difference in the environment by choosing group transportation services with Northeast Charter & Tour. According to the American Bus Association, an individual traveling by motorcoach averages eighty-three percent less energy and produces eighty-five percent less carbon dioxide emissions than the same individual traveling in a personal automobile.

We do all we can to decrease our own carbon footprint, not only in our buses, but also at our headquarters in Lewiston, Maine.

Award Winning Green!
Some of our commitments to a greener Maine

We've installed motion lights to save on electricity after regular business hours when employees depart and return from bus trips.

All our lights inside and out have been replaced with LED bulbs.

We use a driver incentive program that helps with fuel conservation, idle times, driver seed and more.

We've implemented efficient heating systems by installing fans with variable speeds to push heat down to the garage floor and improve circulation.

We recycle all cardboard, paper and plastic products that are left on our buses.

We have a bottle redemption program in our building and on our buses...just look for the blue box!

We recycle all scrap metal from the garage.

During the cold winter months in Maine, we heat our service garage with natural gas and waste oil.

We use true synthetic motor oil in all buses to reduce the amount of oil usage.

We recently purchased a 6,000-gallon diesel fuel tank to fuel up buses on our property, rather than wasting the fuel to drive to the closest fuel station. With this tank, we save 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel per year.